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Melling Architects was formed in 2012 by father and son architects Gerald and David Melling. A short time later at the end of 2012, Gerald passed away. Gerald was a multiple award winning architect, a writer and a poet, and as one half of Melling:Morse Architects, an important contributor to the Architectural landscape in New Zealand. The progression in Gerald’s work is very evident. He firmly believed in his ideas, developing them further in each project. Gerald was devoted to architecture and his enjoyment of and passion for his work was irresistible to David who was destined to follow in his father’s footsteps.

Prior to forming Melling Architects, David’s practice was known as Architecture Central, which he set up in 2005 having returned from 12 years in San Francisco and London working for two larger architectural firms.

Melling Architects is a design focused practice benefiting from hands-on experience with building that informs material choices, details and methods. As David says:

“we believe this sets us apart and enables our clients to achieve the best possible outcome for their projects.

Our approach to design is one of simplicity. The simpler we can make things the better they will be.

We are focussed on efficiency and eliminating waste – which to us means good planning and clever design.

We prefer materials to speak for themselves and favour substance over surface.

We want our designs to have a story behind them or a ‘narrative’. Every project is unique and requires a unique response.

We see each project as an opportunity to solve a ‘puzzle’, whether it is reorganising a small house or creating a new multi-storey building.

Construction costs have spiralled over the last few years making architecture less attainable for most people. We try to be innovative wherever possible to find better solutions for less cost. There is an opportunity for architecture in any project, regardless of scope. Drop us a line and we will be interested in discussing your ideas.”

Our experienced team

Melling Architects

David Melling

Director, Architect

After graduating from Victoria University in 1993 with a Bachelor of Architecture (Hons), David worked for architecture practices in San Francisco and in London. David became a UK registered architect in 2002 having gained a Part 3 Diploma from The Bartlett School of Architecture in London. In 2005 David returned to Wellington with his wife Angela and setup Architecture Central, becoming Melling Architects in 2012. David and Angela have two pretty cute twin girls Eva and Isabel, who take up most of their time outside of the office. David is a member of both the Royal Institute of British Architects and the New Zealand Institute of Architects.


Melling Architects

Mathew Lee

Architectural Designer

Mat finished his Bachelor of Architecture with Honours at Victoria University of Wellington in 2006. Since then he has worked in the architectural offices of Architecture Workshop, Atelier Workshop, and Melling:Morse Architects as well as tutoring design and communications at the Victoria University School of Architecture and Design. In 2009/2010 Mat went back to university to undertake further study and graduated with a Masters in Architecture in 2011 after submitting his thesis investigating how food trade infrastructure affects urban form. Mat is a family man and can cook up a storm in the kitchen.


Melling Architects

Jessica Ringrose


After working in architectural practice in the UK and gaining a Masters in Architecture from the University of Kent (2014), Jess moved to Wellington in 2015 to tutor at the Victoria University School of Architecture and Design before becoming a Building Consents Officer at Wellington City Council. She joined the Melling Architects team in early 2016 as an Architectural Graduate and became a NZRAB registered Architect in 2018.


Melling Architects

Ryan Docherty

Architectural Technician

Ryan graduated with a degree in building science from Victoria University in 2004 and began working for Architecture Central (later to become Melling Architects) in 2008. Prior to that he worked with watertight investigators, structural engineers and on building sites. Ryan has always had an interest in how things go together and growing up spent a lot of time in his grandfather's workshop making, breaking and fixing things.

Melling Architects

Kasun Perera

Architectural Designer

Kasun is a Sri Lankan architect, currently finishing up a PhD in Architectural Science at Victoria university of Wellington. Kasun has experience over five years in the construction industry, coupled with his academic background means he is a valuable team member. Outside of work Kasun enjoys pantomime and is an active part of the Sri Lankan community in Wellington.


Melling Architects

Sandra Wasef

Architectural Graduate

After graduating from the German University of Cairo in 2015, Sandra spent a year working in Egypt before moving to New Zealand in 2017. After a period with Atelier Workshop, she joined Melling Architects as an Architectural Graduate in mid-2018. Outside of the workplace, Sandra is passionate about handcrafting leather-bound books and discussing the world's problems.


Melling Architects

Gerald Melling

Founding Architect

Gerald Melling needs no introduction to those who have an interest in New Zealand architecture. Since arriving in NZ from the UK in 1971 Gerald became an authority on architecture in this country and developed an approach and attitude to his work that resulted in an ability to realize projects that were conceptually challenging, cost effective, met the needs of their clients and were uniquely NZ in character. Gerald sadly passed away at the end of 2012 but his philosophy and spirit endure in the work of Melling Architects.