Egmont Garage Office

Half way through 2018 we decided to move our office back into The Egmont Street Garage, home of Melling:Morse for 20 years. There was a reshuffle of some of the occupants and we moved into the space at the front of the building overlooking the lane. The ‘Garage’ as we call it was a former heavy engineering workshop built in the early 1900s. It has cool steel trusses, exposed brickwork and lots of skylights with offices on a mezzanine level overlooking a garage and gallery space. We refit the space prior to moving in – introducing more glazing, new lighting, timber, rubber gym mat flooring and our Macrocarpa desks reconfigured from Tennyson Street as well as our signature coloured panels at the entry.

June 2018

Te Aro, Wellington, NZ